About US


Hi and welcome to our website!

TTB Athletics and Gobi-Dri were started by Missy Marlar and Lauran Long, two good friends who enjoy the formidable endurance of playing tennis. Our husbands claim we enjoy it so much, that we spend more time at the courts then we do with them. While perhaps true, we carry unconditional love for our families and a passion for our hobby. We live in beautiful, warm and humid NE Florida and play tennis when Mother Nature’s oven is running hot!  No thanks to the grueling heat, continuous hand sweat created wardrobe & performance challenges! We figured there had to be a better way than buying towels and wristbands in bulk. Our minds and experience led us to create athletic wear with a moisture absorbing panel we could wipe at our side! Welcome Gobi-Dri, a patented athletic wear with a moisture absorbing insert in a stylish, modern skirt/short design.


Today, we have a collection of tested performance skirts we’re truly proud to call ours. We sought out first rate quality fabrics, consulted athletes & manufacture designers while spent meticulous time and energy designing seams, stitching, and panel location to ensure we captured a functional and comfortable fit for bodies in motion. Our tennis skirts and shorts are made from a high quality, proprietary blend of polyester and have been battle tested on the courts, and we might add..... In the washing machines! We love it, we use it and are humbled by the positive feedback we’ve received.


Gobi-Dri active wear incorporates the unique moisture absorbing panel to help you keep the proper grip on your sports equipment at all times. Never miss a shot because of wet, perspiring hands with this patented moisture absorbing insert in a stylish, modern skirt, short design. Our tennis skirts come in 12.5”, 13”, and 14” lengths while our shorts are tailored in 9”, with 7” and 8” in-seam options. Gobi-Dri is produced by TTB Athletics which was formed by two tennis players who continually dealt with the problem of perspiring hands as they played their favorite game. Now you can enjoy the benefits of this advanced designed, purposeful product as you go about your active life. It's time to throw in the towel! 


TTB Athletics (‘Two Tall Blonds’) LLC is based out of St Augustine, Florida with Principal Proprietors Missy Marlar and Lauran Long. Gobi-Dri is the trademark name for its athletic wear.